ISO 14001

We are expanding the scope of our environmental program as we work towards ISO 14001 certification. We have engaged the services of UKAS accredited Intertek  and expect their initial audit to take place in 2020.

Under the definition of European Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP) most of our products are classed as non-hazardous to the environment. However, the environmental impact of every PennWhite product is considered during development and special attention is given to the sustainability of the raw materials used as well as minimising the energy consumed during manufacture.

We offer in-house Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) testing of our products on request. A COD test will indicate the mass of oxygen consumed per litre (mg/L) of aqueous solution. Essentially this is a measure of the amount of oxygen used by a water based solution to breakdown the active agent within it.

PennWhite Environmental Policy